Frequently Asked Questions 📚

Advice and answers from the Pops Team

PopsLenticular is compatible with HP Indigo Digital presses, UV FlatBed printers (Fujifilm, SwissQPrint). 

No. You can print 3D photos only on lenticular sheets. We partner with DPLenticular to deliver the best quality product on recyclable materials such as Lenstar®Plus and PETG/UV. In order to create 3D effects on various supports you can easily apply the lenticular sheets on your desired support.

No. Printing on lenticular sheets is similar to print on classic photo paper.

No. PopsLenticular does not apply any additional costs. The monthly fee depends on the plan you select and then you only pay for the exact number of API requests (images) you are doing.

Our team will make a quick introduction to lenticular printing technology and what advantages PopsLenticular offers. At the end we will ship you a lenticular kit for free in order to run your lenticular tests in-house. 

No. You can order your lenticular kit by clicking on the “try it for free” button.  

  1. Print a pitch test on a lenticular sheet with your Digital press. 
  2. Read the LPI value on the lenticular sheet  
  3. Fill the LPI value inside PopsLenticular’s Dashboard
  4. Wait for Pops’s confirmation email to download your 3D test image 
  5. Download your 3D test image in the Dashboard or in the confirmation email. 
  6. Print “3D test image” on the lenticular sheet 
  7. Stick the lenticular print image on any supports

No. The lenticular kit is completely free of charge. No delivery fees. Pops offers DHL Express shipping.

The shipping takes 3 business days all over the world.

PopsLenticular recommends you to give the address of your photo lab.