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21 October 2021

First drone photos were in reality… pigeons!

Before the 20th century, the only two ways that existed to take aerial photos were thanks to…

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11 October 2021

How to select the best 3D photos – Guidelines

Printing photos is cool, but printing photos in 3D is even cooler! Thanks to Pops’ technology, you…

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7 October 2021

PopsLenticular’s dashboard for photo brands

Are you a photo brand who wants to expand your product range by offering amazing 3D products?First,…

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6 October 2021

The world’s most liked photo!

What if we told you that the most liked photo since 2019 is actually… an egg. That’…

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30 September 2021

A Guide to Instagram Marketing for photo brands. Part 2. The...

As a reminder this guide to Instagram Marketing for photo brands is a regular release of articles…

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23 September 2021

3D: Back to basics!

The evolution of the 3D has been in constant change since its discovery and creation. Whether it’s…

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