Our mission is to give a third dimension to people's memories

We are photographers and passionate about the history of photography techniques. We started with a bet: to be mentioned in the “photography” page of Wikipedia. Spoiler alert, we are not (yet).

In 2019 we created an app – a shop for photo lovers to print their memories in 3D. It became a must-have among Snapchat and TikTok users. Snapchat even decided to integrate our 3D technology inside their app in 2020.

In 2021, we’re launching PopsLenticular for all photo brands. 

Shape the future of printing through AI

Our software technology generates ready-to-print 3D images for digital presses. 

Our depth prediction model is based on AI engineering to turn 2D into 3D images. Pops’s technology generates high resolution depth maps from any photo and automatically interlaces this 3D extrapolation for lenticular use.

In 2020 Pops’s technology was granted a US patent after a 3-year process.

PopsLenticular is designed to give all photo brands access to Pops’s technology through an open API.

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