PopsLenticular – “How to” guide for PSPs

Are you a PSP who wants to print amazing 3D products on your HP Indigo digital press?
First, order your free lenticular kit. Then, thanks to our software solution, you will be able to turn any of your customers’ 2D photos into 3D prints! Here is our “How to” guide to help you print 3D lenticular products thanks to your PopsLenticular dashboard.

1. Onboarding: Make printing tests in-house

Once you have received your free lenticular kit, you’re ready to print 3D samples on your digital press. Go to the Onboarding section and follow 3 simple and quick steps:

  • Calibrate your machine: select your printer/paper and do the calibration test thanks to the pitch file provided.
  • Create 3D images: select a demo product and download a set of images.
  • Print samples on your digital press: follow the illustrations to perfectly adjust your printer and the lenticular sheets. Always print on the soft side of lenticular sheets.

Watch this tutorial video (4 min.) to know everything:

2. Integration: Fast set up

Go to the integration section. There are three easy ways to connect PopsLenticular software to your workflow: API, SFTP or HP Site Flow.

  • API: you’ll get a private API key. Connect your lab to our REST + JSON API to get your photos processed whenever you need them. One route, one webhook, Find documentation here.
  • SFTP: we connect to your current server. You just need to enter your SFTP parameters and our team will set up the solution for you. No work on your side. In both cases, once the integration is complete, you can turn your clients’ photos into 3D lenticular images at scale. Find documentation here.
  • HP Site Flow: create a lenticular product in HP Site Flow and connect your account to PopsLenticular FTP with the connection settings. AutoFlow will send us your photos and we will process them every hour. Your production workflow stay the same. Watch demo here.

Please note that the documentation is always available, but you need to activate your trial period to get your personal access.
Get in touch with our sales team to start your trial period.

3. Products: Create the products you have in mind

Go to the Products section. Your trial period gives you access to 1,000 free ready-to-print 3D images for 30 days. You can create as many specific products as you want! You just have to give us all the details and our team will create those on your Product page.

4. Home: Production follow up

Go to the first section. You’ll be able to follow your production thanks to multiple graphs and metrics.
See your KPIs:

  • weekly, monthly or yearly 3D images generated
  • stats by products
  • monthly bill

5. Billing: Pay-as-you-print

Go the billing section. You’ll see your plan, contract number and price(s) per images. You can download all your invoices in one place. And update your payment info anytime.

As you can see, our SaaS dashboard will become your best friend to integrate, create and control your 3D prints production. It also gives you other options like adding multiple users to your dashboard or different labs if needed to your account. So if you are interested, order your free lenticular kit now and request a Dashboard access to join the 3D experience!

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