A Guide to Instagram Marketing for photo brands. Part 3. The captions

Welcome to this last episode of our Guide to Instagram for photo brands. As a reminder this guide is a regular release of articles to improve your brand communication and marketing strategy. If you haven’t read it yet, we invite you to read parts 1 and 2. For this last part, we’re going to talk about the last essential element for good communication on Instagram, the icing on the cake: the caption.

Instagram is known to be the reference platform in terms of visuals and photos. But be careful not to bet everything on your visual content! Indeed, other elements are important for a good communication on this network such as the frequency of posts or the photo caption, which is the key element to engage your audience. By neglecting this element, as a photo brand, it would really be a missed opportunity to give some context to your post and open a dialogue between you and your community.

So here are a few key points to remember for your photo captions: 

1. Write short captions

The longer a caption is, the less your audience will read it. It is therefore important to be concise, synthetic, to get to the point while giving context to your content. Moreover, the first sentence of your caption plays a very important role for your audience because it’s the first sentence that your followers will read and that will make them want to know more or not.

2. Use your own photo brand tone

Be yourself and use a consistent tone in your Instagram captions! Whether it’s a friendly tone that sticks to your image or a more neutral tone, it’s important to stay true to your brand image and to write more like a friend and not a “robot”. You can for example give a cool nickname to your community!

3. Ask questions to drive engagement or call to actions

Having lots of likes is cool but receiving comments and customer reviews is even better! Indeed, a good caption is also used to create even more engagement with your followers, so do not hesitate to ask a question for example at the end of the caption to create engagement and generate some calls to action. You can ask them for example what their favorite photo products are, if they would like to see a particular product for Christmas or if they are satisfied with their photo orders.

4. Use hashtags and emojis!

To make your caption even more attractive, it is important to use hashtags to be better referenced by the Instagram algorithm and for better visibility such as #gift #photo #pics #prints #share or #memories for example. Finally, make your publications dynamic with the use of emojis to attract even more attention from your followers, but be careful not to overdo it either!

This is the end of this Instagram guide, we hope that these episodes will have helped you or give you some ideas for your future posts!

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