“It’s like life wizard photos! ” – What clients think about 3D prints

We have to admit, printing 3D photos is something pretty cool but quite unusual. What does it really look like? Does 3D effect really work? Well, today we’ve decided to give you a reader’s digest of customers reviews who ordered Pops 3D prints.

“Absolutely Amazing!!!”

Well yes, 3D makes a big effect! We love to read the first reactions and feelings of our customers who discover their 3D photos for the first time. And reactions are super heartwarming. We read a lot of enthusiastic reactions from people who can’t believe their eyes, because it’s the first time they’ve seen their photos like that, and they loved the result. Some people even compare us to the magic photos in Harry Potter, what an honor!

“Excellent quality!”

Most of our users highly recommend trying the 3D photos because they have been seduced by the quality of the products. Some of whom were a little skeptical at first, expressed their pleasant surprise at the results of their photos, which they loved and recommend Pops. Moreover, they don’t hesitate to share their Pops around them or on social media. That’s why we love our Pops community!

“Best Gift Ever🤩”

Finally, offering Pops is the perfect opportunity to surprise your friends and family. With this new way of capturing memories, it’s an opportunity to surprise and please your lover ones by offering 3D photos for some special occasions: birthdays, valentines gifts, for families in memory of a forgotten time or just to surprise people and make them smile… and apparently it seems that the Pops are kicking in!

So if you want to integrate 3D photos to your product range, we hope this article has given you another vision of lenticular printing and will make you want to join the 3D adventure!

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