How to select the best 3D photos – Guidelines

Printing photos is cool, but printing photos in 3D is even cooler! Thanks to Pops’ technology, you can bring any 2D photo to life to make your memories even more magical. But there are a few tips to know so that the 3D result is as spectacular as possible.

1. Always choose photos with faces (over landscape)

Depth effect comes from the combination of a focused subject (you and your loved ones) and a nice background (your house, a beautiful street). Our API is tailored to detect shapes such as people, faces or objects and makes them pop out of the frame. So if you want a great 3D effect, it is very preferable to choose portrait photos! Indeed some landscapes don’t have all the necessary elements to bring out 3D depth effect.

2. No background, no party

If the focused subject is essential, the background is key. It can be for a flower fields, mountains, a beautiful street or a nice garden! A nice background will add so much 3D effect and you will see many “layers” of depth in your photo. On the contrary if the background is black or a plain light color, the 3D depth effect will hardly be seen.

3. Maximise depth effect with elements in the foreground

Yes it’s a huge bonus to have elements in the foreground. Like your hand pointing to the camera or holding an object. This little trick will make your photo even more magical because it’ll take depth to the next level. Be careful that the element doesn’t take up the whole image either.

4. Choose bright colors (over black & white)

With 3D lenticular printing, the brighter the colors, the better the result. So don’t hesitate to put in your selection your most beautiful colored pictures! 
And for black and white pictures, does it work? Well of course, if there is the key combination of a focused subject and a background. Black and white photos are processed by our API in the same way as a color photo. So why not bring back old photos and give them a new life?

5. Pay attention to the resolution and light

Finally, as any classic print, resolution and light exposure play a significant role in the final result. So be careful not to select blurred or dark pictures, otherwise the result will not be as good as it should be.

It’s now time to print your best memories in 3D.

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