The world’s most liked photo!

What if we told you that the most liked photo since 2019 is actually… an egg.
That’ s right, an egg, surprising, isn’t it? And it even has a name: Eugene!

All takes place on the account of the @world_record_egg.
This account is basically an account that was created specifically to break the world record for likes on Instagram to steal the spotlight from Kylie Jenner who held the world record with just over 18M likes since February 18, 2018 with the announcement of the birth of her daughter. But in barely ten days using different social networks, the famous Instagram egg, Eugene, has garnered over 30,900,000 likes and about 1.2 million comments!

Many celebrities had fun surfing on this hot topic taking pictures of themselves with an egg. Even Kylie Jenner had some fun with this trend by posting a video of her attempting to fry an egg on hot concrete with the caption “take that little egg”. There would be jealousy in the air?

The creator of the account was revealed to be Chris Godfrey, an advertising creative, who works with two friends of his, Alissa Khan-Whelan and CJ Brown, on a Hulu egg commercial advertisement, which aims to raise consciousness about mental health. Since their first publication in February 2019, Chris and his team continue to post other egg photos to promote positivity and educate on mental load and anxiety. Indeed, the objective of the mystery egg was not to bring back a good profit to its creator, but to highlight the Mental Health America association which is dedicated to the needs of people suffering from mental illnesses. Actually, behind the light-hearted and unusual side of this operation, there is a much more important objective than it seems. Thank you Eugene!

When we write this article, the egg publication currently has 55 447 694 likes, the account is now certified with a blue dot on Instagram and even has a Wikipedia page! Moreover on September 8, Kylie Jenner posted a video on her account to announce the arrival of her second child… but despite more than 24 million likes, Eugene remains at the top of the ranking and keeps its title of most liked photo in the world for nearly 3 years now. Sorry Kylie!

By the way, the publication must have taken a few more likes by the time you read these few lines.

And you, will you give a like to Eugene?

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