Who is the audience of lenticular prints?

Knowing your target by heart is the secret to a good return on investment. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they like? At Pops, these questions are no longer a secret to us and we are very close to our community. In this article we’re going to reveal to you who are these loyal people who have been tempted by lenticular printing and who loved it. So if you want to integrate 3D photos to your product range, this article is meant for you!

Focus on the Pops audience

As we said, at Pops we know our audience well and this allows us to adapt our whole marketing strategy around it. Out of the 42 countries we deliver to, although we are based in France, the majority of our users of our Pops app or our website live in the United States (49%) followed by several European countries (7,7% in Spain, 7% in Italy, 5,5% in France and 4,7% in the UK and Germany). We are also in constant demand in Asia with over 5% users in the Philippines.

Our community is composed of almost 80% American women between the ages of 18 and 34. We know that most of our customers are already fans of online photo printing, whether with Pops or with other brands such as Walgreens, Shutterfly or Cheerz and that for the majority they print at least between 1 and 3 times, or more than 4 times in the year their photos. Of course our entire community is not reduced to this type of profile, but being our core target, it requires us to focus mainly on their expectations and habits.

Our 3D users all have different centers that we have grouped into several categories: shoppers, lifestyle fashionistas, media and couple lovers, beauty or even foodies. In addition, many of our customers print their vacation, pet or family photos : not so different than a traditional photo brand after all!

Finally, when we ask the people who follow us how they heard about us, for more than half of them it’s via social networks (33% from Instagram, 23% from Tiktok and 15% from Snapchat) and 23% via word of mouth. Regarding our Instagram page, it is followed by more than 45,5k people of which 90% are women (more than 40% aged between 25 and 34 and 30% between 18 and 24). Just like the users of our app or our website, the majority of our followers are in the USA (47,6%) followed by Europe (3,3% in France, 1,9% in Italy and UK and 1,6% in Spain). It’s a very engaged community that loves to share their Pops videos on their account!

All these metrics have been obtained in several ways: 

  • Data collected from customer orders
  • Surveys by email with newsletters, during visits on our website or once an order is placed
  • Polls on social media, such as asking questions via Instagram Stories
  • Key figures via social networks such as Instagram metrics which are real marketing tools to better understand your audience and better adapt to their expectations

How we create engagement with 3D products?

As 3D photos are premium products, which are original and that we are not used to seeing, our users are used to share their pops directly which is a great advantage of 3D prints! Since they are not “simple photos” but have an effect, the desire to share them with their friends is even greater. But there are many alternatives to communicate on lenticular printing:

The one that works the best and that allows us to get results quickly are the Facebook/Instagram ads. In addition to being simple to set up, the return on investment is generally very good because they are intrigued by this “unusual” product. On the other hand, we do not hesitate to use social networks in our marketing strategy, by sharing videos, photos of customers on Tiktok or Instagram. It is a real lever to spread the fashion of 3D photos!

Finally we’re using influenceurs to create even more engagement!
Whether it’s micro or big influencers, it’s a good way to discover its products! Thanks to these collabs (which can quite easily be free!) we can target profiles that match our universe and thus reach more people. You can easily find influencers on the networks thanks to hashtags or thanks to the “Discover” part of the platform.

For example, we know that at Pops, our community prints a lot of selfies, lifestyle, animals, Harry Potter or travel content. So we can easily find profiles corresponding to these criteria thanks to #travel #lifestyle #harrypotter #couple… then we just have to send a message! There are also many couples who print their photos with Pops (throughout the year but especially during Valentines!) to make some lover gifts or just to make their couple photo even more unique. Must admit that it’s a nice idea for a gift, no?

So? Are you now interested in lenticular adventure?

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