A Guide to Instagram Marketing for photo brands. Part 1. The content

Instagram has undeniably become a real second online store for digital brands. But attracting a young audience (18-24 years old) who shop 1 to 4 times a week from their mobile on this social media for a photo brand can be slightly complex and the inspiration gap can easily become a marketer’s worst nightmare.

This guide to Instagram Marketing for photo brands is the first episode of a regular release of articles to improve your brand communication and marketing strategy. During the release of those articles, advice, best practices and study cases will be published on our website. Let’s begin with our first topic focusing on “the content”.

Show the other side of the story

To differentiate your photo brand and generate engagement, there is nothing better than creating proximity with your followers. The closer an audience is to a brand, the more it increases its notoriety and in order to do so, nothing is better than sharing life moments with your audience. The account of @Cheerzfr is a great example because they share this kind of content on their feed such as backstage photoshoots, some posts to introduce the different people in the team or even funny moments in the office. It’s these kinds of small details that make the difference and will allow your brand to get closer to your public and create the greatest possible interaction with them!

Don’t hesitate to be engaged

Promoting your values and supporting causes that are close to your heart is very essential and that kind of content shouldn’t be neglected! Many brands share the movements to which they belong, the ideologies they support through their feed content. It can be to raise awareness for an animal, environmental or social cause​​. For example, @Shutterfly does not hesitate to publish several of their publications in the colors of the rainbow in support of the LGBT community or to provide support and defend some human causes like the Asian racism. We have also seen many brands supporting the BLM movement, such as @Snapfishus, which has proclaimed it on its Instagram page and which also encourages cultural diversity.

Highlight your products and your core work

Finally it’s of course essential to show your products and put them forward. You can both make pack shots of your products or promote them with real life situations. But another good alternative is to simply share your core-work in order to liven up your feed and diversify your content. Many accounts animate their feed with these publications, like @Mimeophotos or @Inkifi_instagram. The theme of explaining your profession can lead to more knowledge sharing that will interest your audience. It can be for example beautiful pictures of photographers or a publication about photography. Why not make this a daily feature on your instagram feed and create a weekly “rendez-vous”!

As Instagram is one of the most important platforms for your brand image, it is important to use it wisely and to make it a real e-showcase that highlights your products as well as your moments of life! However, be careful not to get confused and continue to propose content that remains consistent with your values, let your creativity shine through your content and make your Instagram feed a real work tool!

In our next episode we will talk more in depth about content creation to help you in your visual choices.

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