5 steps to print 3D photos for your clients

Whether you are a photo brand looking for the next bestseller to add to your product range, or a printing partner chasing innovation for your clients, this article is for you. It has never been so simple to print lenticular 3D photos directly on your production site. For the first time our software turns 2D photos into 3D printable files! All you need is a digital press (ideally HP Indigo Series)!

Step 1. Order your FREE starter kit

Don’t wait to print your first 3D samples and run easy tests in your lab. Order your lenticular kit in 3 days for free. PopsLenticular will send you a DHL package that includes 50 lenticular sheets (100 Lpi Lenstar Plus) and a calibration notice.

Step 2.  Run in-house demo tests

Once with your kit, printing 3D samples on your HP Indigo press is a child’s play. PopsLenticular works in partnership with HP Indigo to deliver the easiest printing process. You have access to the PopsLenticular dashboard. A quick onboarding helps you to calibrate your machine and print your very first 3D samples in 10 minutes. If you have any questions, our team is available to help you get the most spectacular result. Simply book a technical call here.

Step 3. Select the best 3D product for your audience

On your dashboard, select the 3D product that will blow your audience’s mind. Choose between a range of great products : canvas prints, wood prints, glass prints, foam mounts, framed prints, cards, puzzles, magnets, greeting cards, etc. All photo bestsellers look great in 3D. If you want to create a custom product, we’ll be more than happy to shape it with you.

Step 4. Start your trial period

You want to test 3D products on your audience? Try before you buy. Test our software during a 30-days free trial. PopsLenticularl turns the 2D photos of your clients into 3D printable files. Simply feed your printer with lenticular sheets and launch your production. The 100 LPI Lenstar Plus sheets are certified by HP and create the best 3D effect. Good news, your first 1,000 images turned into ready-to-print 3D files are free! 

Step 5. Add your 3D product on your website/app

Activate the plan that suits you (see pricing). Then, just focus on the launch of your new bestseller 🚀 Add your 3D product on your website or app and add a new dimension to your audience’s memories. 

Ready to jump in? Start exploring the power of 3D for your clients. Book a demo.

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