Pops launches 3D lenticular printing for HP Indigo partners!

Patented is good, efficient is better

Last week, our technology was patented in France. It was officially patented 5 months ago in the United States. Filing a patent is sometimes so long and so expensive that you are just wondering why you are doing this… but when the paper comes, you know. You know that for years to come you are the only magician in the room knowing the trick. And this makes you inevitably proud of your teams, of what you achieved as a group of people. 

Let’s be honest, a patented technology is a great milestone but it’s nothing if it’s not operated properly. Today I’m proud to announce the official launch of PopsLenticular, our SaaS solution for all photo brands 🥳 This is an exciting news of Pops’s story.

Our SaaS solution for all photo brands 

Until now we’ve been riding a horse in the fields of the printing photo market without looking at the other horses. When we started looking around, we realized how diverse the market was. Most of the companies out there are delivering amazing photo services : easy to use, great quality, fast delivery. Each and everyone is doing this with its brand identity. Our ambition with PopsLenticular is to empower them with a great 3D lenticular technology. Photo brands can print their own 3D photo products for their community. It is easy as hell to set up and it is running through their production workflow. 

Spoiler alert… This works perfectly well! We’re already testing PopsLenticular with 10 beta partners around the world. Thanks to lenticular compatibility with HP Indigo presses, our partners are able to prototype and print high quality 3D pictures directly inside their labs. Thank you HP teams for your collaboration here! 

Since we started Pops, our mission was always to create the next iconic photo product for future generations. With PopsLenticular, we take one step further in this direction and we are joining forces with all photo players in the world to deliver more 3D memories.

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